Make your mark in Mildura

13 April 2021

You became an audiology professional to help people, to transform people’s lives.

You didn’t become an audiology professional to upsell, push the latest offers, provide postcode pricing, promote finance options or deliver sales KPIs.

If your dream was to support a local community and deliver high-quality hearing care to your customers every day, then join us as the Audiology Partner at Specsavers Mildura.

Mildura is home to a thriving and close-knit community, located in the far north-western corner of Victoria, It’s a bustling regional city on the banks of the Murray River, known for its tree-lined streets and community feel; and it is quickly growing – especially as Victorians continue to escape the city for a more tranquil pace of life.

It’s here, in the middle of the town centre that you’ll find Specsavers Mildura. Having delivered exceptional quality eye care for the past nine years, the partners and team at Mildura have built up a loyal and dedicated customer base, who are calling out for audiology services.

In the bustling and busy store filled with friendly locals, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real difference, delivering essential hearing services to the whole community.

As the Specsavers partner at Mildura, you won’t need to upsell,  push the latest offers, to provide postcode pricing. You’ll be empowered to put the individual needs of the people whom you serve first and offer them solutions that meet their needs, not their financial capacity.

And as a Specsavers partner, you can continue to do the job you love whilst enjoying the flexibility and autonomy of managing your own business.

You became an audiology professional to help people and transform lives and communities. This partnership opportunity gives you the chance to do exactly that.

Ready to make a difference and reap the rewards of your hard work?

Contact Julia Hewagama on 0409 015 519 or email to find out more.