Lynn’s leap of faith pays off with a rewarding two-year partnership

18 August 2021

With two audiology locations to manage, partner Lynn Tan is celebrating her success as a business owner and her second-anniversary partnership at Specsavers. Her experience and learning’s owning her businesses have allowed her to reflect on her journey so far.

“The last two years have been enriching and empowering. The shopping centres I work in are remarkably different. North Ryde is fast paced, which suits my energetic nature, but at the same time, it is very comforting to have days at North Rocks where the demographic demands a slower pace,” says Lynn.

Having two years of partner experience behind her, Lynn highlights that while the journey has been rewarding, the feeling of accomplishment only came after going through steep learning and personal growth.

“At the beginning, I struggled to delegate and spent an inordinate amount of time in the office every week. With time, I realised that I had the support of two amazing teams and trusting them to share the load allowed me to focus on building the businesses, rather than just surviving the daily grind,” says Lynn.

Lynn recollects that her partners and the optical team embraced audiology right from the beginning and made her and her team feel welcome.

“I was very fortunate to have had such a seamless transition. The optometry team’s positivity and commitment to actively promote the audiology service with everyone who walks through our doors gives me the peace of mind to focus on clinical outcomes.

“My fellow audiology partners and my fantastic ARM, Pete Berry, have also been a great source of emotional support over the past two years,” Lynn adds.

Lynn has seen much change since becoming a partner and notes that there’s more growth on the horizon.

“Not only have we seen growth in new products, store locations and many friendly faces joining our close-knit group of audiologists, but we have also really streamlined the integration of audiology into existing optical stores. The process has been tested and distilled to absolute efficacy and efficiency,” says Lynn.

Lynn has enjoyed the autonomy of a partnership and the support from the Specsavers Support Office, which makes the workplace unique for an audiology professional.

“It has been liberating to run the clinics the way I want, without answering to external pressures. Becoming a partner was a turning point in my career. Specsavers has put me in contact with incredible audiology professionals Australia-wide, who have become close personal friends. It is, without exaggeration, the most complete and empowering professional support network I’ve had in my career.

“My time with Specsavers can be characterised by the triumphs, challenges and lifelong friendships I have experienced along the way. It has been fulfilling in ways I could not have predicted, and I am grateful that I took a leap of faith,” adds Lynn.