Kirsty Avery chose audiology over optometry, and is not looking back

3 June 2021

Growing up in a rural area in Tasmania, Kirsty Avery discovered her strengths lay in the health industry. She was particularly interested in the senses, but it was fifty-fifty between optometry and audiology. Lucky for her customers and Specsavers, she chose audiology.

After completing her undergraduate degree and master’s degree, she commenced her audiology career at a small Tasmanian practice, and then moved on to work with another hearing provider where she felt the customers’ needs were secondary to meeting sales targets and KPIs.

After several recommendations Kirsty decided it was time to meet the Specsavers team. It was at this meeting she realised that her personal values aligned with the Specsavers workplace values and partnership model.

“I was aware Specsavers were trying to shake up the industry, and I was wholeheartedly on board with this. In fact, it was pleasing to see the industry start reducing their prices in response to actions of Specsavers,” she says.

“After meeting with the team, I knew I wanted to be involved.”

Since becoming a Specsavers audiology partner at the new Launceston store, Kirsty knows she has made the right choice.

“The satisfaction of starting a business, knowing we help save customers from underhanded practices and save them so much money is really exciting,” she says.

“We are the only Specsavers store in the north-east of Tasmania and we have a very large team; the largest team I have ever worked with. I have three optical partners who have all been extremely kind and helpful, and fully onboard to helping make the audiology venture a success.”

Looking ahead, Kirsty is excited about the future and has set important goals for her business.

“I want to be the hearing centre of choice in Launceston and be running a successful and efficient store which is able to expand and grow.” she says.