Jonathan’s passion for music leads him to a career in audiology

Jonathan Morcos interest in music led the Bondi East Gate store partner to pursue studies in audio engineering and sound production, directly helping him shape his career in audiology.

“I wanted to do something that was fulfilling but also allowed me to utilize my skills and knowledge in audio systems and technology,” says Jonathan.

Jonathan’s love of music brought him to see an audiologist which was a stroke of serendipity that would set him on his path of becoming an audiologist.

“I stumbled upon audiology by chance after looking for an audiologist to have my ear impressions taken for musician earplugs.

“I discovered how audiologists incorporate the identification and treatment of hearing loss with counselling tools and technology to help improve the quality of lives for sufferers with hearing loss,” adds Jonathan.

Jonathan’s calling soon saw him helping his local community and providing treatment and support for his customers.

“Audiology is much more than just identifying and treating a hearing loss; it’s helping and supporting people engage and communicate with their friends and family using an evidence-based approach,” says Jonathan.

With Jonathan’s passion for music, sound and hearing, a move into a Specsavers partnership was a natural transition.

“I found the prospect of becoming a business owner within a well-respected brand that is renowned for customer care and great value very appealing.

“I’m looking forward to being part of a team of people that are enthusiastic about providing great value and customer care to the broader community for their hearing needs,” adds Jonathan.

Jonathan wanted to pursue a partnership at Specsavers as he shared the same values of transforming hearing awareness in Australia.

“Much of the role is dependent on counselling and educating people on hearing loss, the impacts it has on their lives, and why it’s so important they do something about it earlier.

“Amplification of sounds is necessary to improve the audibility of conversational speech for the majority of people with a permanent hearing loss,” adds Jonathan.

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