Is this the end of hearing aid batteries?

The next generation of hearing aids is upon us. After many decades of hearing aid users having their aids ‘beep’ at them at the most inconvenient of times and having to fiddle around with changing tiny battery cells, the time has come to prepare ourselves for the end of hearing aid batteries.

The introduction of the world’s first lithium-ion inductive charging hearing aids will revolutionise the users experience for many years to come. Both Phonak and Sivantos have launched their respective models which will soon be flying off the shelves as we inform our customers of ‘battery changing not required’.

Both manufacturers claim that a single charge of their aids will last a full 24 hours – Cellion with unlimited streaming use and Belong with 80 minutes streaming use. Both claim a very similar charging time which is around four hours for a full charge and 30 minute top-up for seven hours of use. Perfect for users to simply charge them up each night when they take their aids out for bed.

Whilst the technology is currently only available in the higher branded price range it won’t Belong (excuse the pun!) before battery changing becomes a thing of the past across all hearing aids – even the NHS aids eventually. Make sure you have studied the launch and training materials so that you can have a great conversation with customers about the benefits of not having to change batteries.

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