Is clinical independence important to you?

Specsavers Audiology launched in Australia more than two years ago, and just like its optical predecessor, has set its sights on transforming the audiology industry.

And the recipe for our success has been built around our unwavering commitment to providing our audiology partners with clinical and professional independence.

Since day one, Specsavers has been committed to working in partnership. We help our audiology professionals build their own businesses and empower them to make clinical decisions that are in the best interests of their customers.

“Specsavers’ joint venture partnership allows you to manage and run your own business within a well-oiled machine where clinician and customer support receives top priority,” says Rockingham partner Frances Slabber.

“I joined to have more control in the decisions that I made to best meet the customer’s needs and have the resources and products to be able to do this. My feelings have not changed with a great product range that is continually being updated. I am amazed at Specsavers’ high quality, great value range and the options I can offer my customers every day.”

And it’s this support that has seen more than 105 audiology professionals join us so far.

June Yong Kim from our Eastgardens store says taking back his clinical independence was one of the key reasons for joining Specsavers. “It allows us, as audiology professionals, to do what’s best for the customer. We have clinical independence; we are our own bosses and we can decide the appropriate care based on the customer’s hearing needs. There’s autonomy in the partnership and it really is your business – but it’s nice to know I have the support of Specsavers if I need it.”

So, if clinical independence is important to you and how you practice, it might be time to talk to us.

To find out more call Julia Hewagama on 0409 015 419 or for a confidential, no-obligation discussion.

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