Is a regional relocation on the cards?

It’s often considered the great Australian dream – a pace of life that’s slightly slower, a house that’s more affordable, and a commute that’s less than 10 minutes.

But it doesn’t have to just be a dream.

If you are keen to return home or establish yourself in a new local community, Specsavers Audiology can provide this for you.

And this life-changing opportunity also comes with guaranteed income and the opportunity to be your own boss.

Specsavers Audiology Albany partner Ginny Lannigan says her move to regional WA was one of the best decisions she’s made.

“I have fallen in love with Albany and the community here. I also don’t think I could ever go back to the long commute times in the city,” she says.

It’s a sentiment that Rebecca Moriarty, Audiology Partner at Cannonvale and Mackay Canelands echoed.

“In regional towns, people really back the concept of where they get great service and value, so you get to feel the impact of your work through the community and be proud of the changes you are making in people’s lives. You also get to hear great feedback when you have a new customer come in saying that they heard about your services through a friend of theirs and how happy they are,” she says.

“From a growth perspective, regional towns are all too often underestimated. The reality is, regional stores are often a key hub point for such a vast service area and in many cases, they end up being busier than many metro locations! This is exciting because as a partner it not only gives you a potentially larger customer base to work with, and you also have a greater capability to readily spread the vision and values of Specsavers Audiology.”

Now is the is time to stop dreaming and make a regional location your reality.

To find out more about regional locations contact Julia Hewagama on 0409 015 419 or

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