If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is… but not at Specsavers! 

12 December 2022

If you are sick and tired of industry recruiters advertising sky-high salary bands, spinning the spin and offering incentives which sound too good to be true – perhaps it’s time you considered Specsavers? 

Here at Specsavers, we’re the same company, adhering to the same core values and the same mission of making a difference in people’s lives – from our partners to our staff, to our customers. 

But if you think what’s on offer at Specsavers might also feel too good to be true, think again! Sure, at Specsavers you will: 

  • Own you own business. 
  • Be the boss. 
  • Make the decisions. 
  • Have full clinical autonomy. 
  • Without any KPIs or sales targets. 
  • Be supported to grow and develop your own business. 
  • Receive first-class business support across supply chain, marketing, legal, and development. 

At Specsavers, we’re all about transparency. From being straightforward and honest with our partners to being upfront with our customers. We don’t over inflate salary expectations, or under deliver on support, benefits, or dividends. We are what we say we are, and importantly, we deliver on our promises.  

That’s why, in just over five years, we’ve opened just under 260 Specsavers Audiology locations across Australia with over 140+ audiology professionals joining us in partnership.  

We’re here to make waves. To make a change. To demand the industry do better and be better. 

So, if you’ve had enough of offers which seem “too good to be true” landing in your inbox, come and chat to our team today and find out what partnership at Specsavers Audiology can offer you. 

For a confidential, no-obligation chat, contact Shelley Fenech at 0457 672 521 or Paysh Wijesinghe at 0497 672 261 or email anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com. 

If you’re not ready for partnership, but still want to be part of Australia’s fastest-growing audiology business, contact Nilofar Boudewyn at 0409 956 701. to learn more about our employment opportunities.