How our partners are making a difference during times of crisis

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, health professionals and those in the caring professions stand out as the heroes of the current crisis, simply by continuing to do what they always have – provide high levels of healthcare to all Australians.

Specsavers Audiology Partners are no exception to these examples. With strong ties to their communities and ever stronger relationships with their customers, the last five weeks have shone a light on the professionalism, commitment and compassion of our partners, as our stores remain ‘open for care’.

In Narellan, Specsavers Audiology Partner Catherine Hemans was able to provide urgent care for a very grateful – and very pregnant – customer.

“A lady who was 37 weeks pregnant came in for an urgent appointment with my optometry partner. During the appointment, the optometrist learned that the customer had suffered a sudden hearing loss in her left ear about four weeks prior. She had been to see her GP who checked for ear wax. The ear was clear, and the GP told her that there was nothing else that could be done for her,” Catherine says.

“My optometry partner asked me to see her and I was able to perform a hearing assessment. Fortunately, the results were consistent with middle ear effusion on the left side. She had an appointment immediately after seeing me, so I was able to give her the results to take with her. The customer was extremely relieved to know that the hearing loss was temporary.”

In Toowoomba, Audiology Partner Celia Kelly was able to provide some reassurance and support for a family experiencing grief.

“I ran into a patient’s wife, who told me that her husband was very hesitant to be fitted with his hearing aids as his sister in law, who is a nurse, had advised him not go to into the shopping centre, and specifically not be fitted with hearing aids, due to the COVID 19 situation as he is high risk due to age and medical conditions. As he had no symptoms and had not travelled or been exposed to COVID 19,  I triaged him on the phone he decided to attend the fitting appointment.

“His wife later disclosed that he was very keen to attend our fitting appointment as his father in laws funeral was the following day and he was really struggling in crowds and felt socially isolated. His wife said to me he has been thrilled with his hearing aids, especially as he was able to hear what was said during the ceremony and most importantly hear his wife present a eulogy for her father.”

And, over in Orange, Audiology Partner, Amy Thompson was able to provide a little additional connection for a new customer and his family.

“I had a first-time fitting for a local farmer. I fitted him and paired to mobile too so he could Zoom and Facetime his grandchildren, as he can’t see them during isolation and was stoked at the brilliant sound quality.”

We thank all our partners for their tremendous efforts in supporting our customers and communities during this time.

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