How Kieren’s Belconnen dream became a reality

10 February 2023

Audiology is in Kieren Cullinan’s blood.  

 Following in the footsteps of his mother – also an audiology clinician, as soon as he finished high school, Kieren went to work with her at an audiology clinic in administration. His journey continued with study and eventually he became qualified with a Diploma of Audiometry. 

 “Growing up around the industry obviously had some unconscious impact on me as I never intended to follow in my mother’s footsteps, but somehow that’s exactly where I ended up,” he says. “I love the technical diversity surrounding the fitting of hearing aids and love the joy they can bring to families.” 

Kieren is certainly well versed in the audiology industry, as well as his familial connections he has worked at Bloom and Costco, both of which have given him a unique perspective on the industry.  

 “Costco gave me great insight into how big box retailers operate, and how audiology can be done differently on a larger scale, but at a cheaper price,” he says. “However, when Costco became a little limited for me in terms of career progression, I then went looking elsewhere and found Specsavers. 

 “I love the fact that at Specsavers the amount of effort you put in directly translates into the success of your business, so me being a very self-motivated and self-driven person, thought that this would work out very well for me.” 

 And he was right.  

 At first, Keiren had his sights firmly set on Belconnen as his dream location, but he knew it would take a few years to get the store up and running. Instead, he started his Specsavers career working in Specsavers’ South Canberra store, before recently making his partnership dream at Belconnen a reality.  

 He is now the audiology partner at Belconnen, one of Specsavers’ largest stores, comprising 9.5 optical rooms and 1.5 Audiology rooms, and servicing the entire North half of Canberra for audiology care.  

 “My experience as an employed clinician with Specsavers, working with the audiology partner at South Canberra has taught me so much about the business and what it takes to build a successful store,” he says.  

 “From employee to partner, every process and stage I have been involved with Specsavers in has been seamless and very smooth. It is a well-oiled machine, and everyone there is focused on supporting you every step of the way.  

 “Now I am looking forward to putting in the hard yards to build up my business from the ground up.”