How her father’s advice changed Jaimie Grek’s life

Born and bred in South Africa and moving to Australia three years ago, Jaimie Grek became an audiologist because her father knew better.

“Simply put, my dad said no to me following my acting dreams. Next on the list was Speech Therapy and Audiology. And I cannot thank my dad enough, as it is the best decision I ever made,” she says.

“I received my dual degree as a Speech Therapist and Audiologist from the University of Witwatersrand. I then practiced in a government hospital in South Africa, and then in the private practice field.”

In her new role as Audiology Partner at Specsavers Forest Hill, Jaimie reflects on when she was reconsidering the Audiology field altogether.

“Prior to joining Specsavers, I was on the brink of a career change. I found myself conflicted with the love I had for helping people communicate again, and the infamous sales pitch that went along with it.”

“I had come to terms with the fact that I would either have to sacrifice my ethics, or my career as an Audiologist. And I was ready to sacrifice my career.”

Her faith in the profession was re-ignited after meeting with the Specsavers team, but she contemplated whether it was too good to be true.

“I had heard one too many false statements about Specsavers. After having a conversation, and now having experienced it myself, I can safely say that I wish I had reached out sooner,” she says.

“The mantra that Specsavers create positive change in the industry and provide impeccable quality at an affordable price, rang true to me. The transparency, as well as the truth behind what they preach, was so refreshing and gave me hope as an audiologist. “

Jaimie’s mother-in-law, an optometrist at Specsavers, also encouraged her to pursue a future with Specsavers.

“She vouched for the Specsavers culture and ethics,” she says.

“Specsavers provided an accessible pathway and support to become a partner, which is the growth and challenge I was looking for.”

Since joining the Specsavers team in late 2020, Jaimie is now excited about the future.

“As an audiologist, I chose this line of work to help others. Being able to remedy relationships and repair communication barriers is the highlight of my day. Seeing a patient smile when they are given the ability to communicate with their family and friends is what makes coming to work every day worthwhile. Not the figure that is attached to the product or the KPI and incentives.”

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