How a conversation changed Janice Margo’s career for the better

Janice Margo says she always knew she wanted to work with people in the health field but was never sure what to do. 

As I researched different professions, audiology stood out to me, not only for its people-centred profession but also because there were so many different avenues and opportunities for career growth,” she says.  

But the reality of the profession didn’t quite deliver on her dream of helping people.   

Working in a private clinic, there was always pressure to meet KPIs Over time, I realised my motivation was slipping as I felt more like a salesman than a clinician. 

My partner, who was an optometrist at Specsavers, would often comment on how different his work environment was compared to mine, and how he had never felt pressured by KPIs, budgets, or conversions. decided to join as an audiology partner at Specsavers because I wanted clinical autonomy to practice ethically every day and to provide my customers with affordable devices without compromising on service.  

And despite being familiar with the brand from an optical perspective, Janice admits she didn’t know much about Specsavers’ audiology services.  

I first became aware of Specsavers audiology when I researched hearing aid prices online and saw the price guide,” she says.  

“I then reached out to the team after receiving Specsavers cupcakes at my previous clinic! The more questions I asked about Specsavers and the partnership model, the more apparent it was for me to take the next step. Every person I spokto, from the recruitment team to the relationship managers, to the optical and retail partners, to the support team during induction, were so passionate about transforming the hearing care industry, which was really encouraging and confirmed my decision to join.” 

Janice says before joining Specsavers, she hadn’t really considered launching her own business 

To set up a business from scratch without any prior business experience was not only daunting to think about but also too much of a financial risk. To partner with an established company that has an extensive customer base, while being supported by a network of people, was an opportunity that I couldn’t resist,” she says.  

And the biggest highlight of joining Specsavers and starting my own business is having clinical autonomy without feeling pressure to practice unethically, and to be able to offer clients devices at competitive prices. 

As with all our other 2020 partners, launching a business in the middle of a pandemic has brought a raft of new challenges.  

One of the biggest challenges is the current climate and restrictions around seeing routine appointments face to face, however, this time has allowed me to build rapport quickly with the team where I might not have been able to during a busy period,” she says. 

And now that things are slowly returning to “normal”, Janice is looking forward to what the future holds. 

“Before joining I was quickly becoming disillusioned with the industry. But now, my future goal for the store is to be recognised as a hearing care provider within the local community. I would love to take student clinical placements and show them what the audiology industry should be like,” she says. 

Janice says now having joined Specsaversshe comeinto work each day without feeling the pressure to meet KPIs or budgets. 

“It has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, allowing me to focus on the clinical aspects when I see a customer. I would recommend becoming a Specsavers partner to any audiology professional who wants a challenge to grow professionally and the opportunity to own their own audiology business in partnership with a company that strives to put the customer’s needs first,” she says.   

And her only wish?  

I wish I had initiated thconversation earlier.” 

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