HICAPS launches at Specsavers Audiology

Specsavers Audiology partners are the first in Australia to have the option to process products and services payments via the HICAPS claims system.

The industry-first initiative, unavailable at any other audiology providers, launched at the end of January following a successful trial in stores.

Currently it will be available for Medibank Private customers with Specsavers working closely with HICAPS to have as many other funds on board as soon as possible.

Specsavers Audiology Executive Director and General Manager Darrel Magna said it was a win for partners and for customers.

“For our partners, it’s such an exciting value-add service for some – hopefully soon all – of their customers,” he said.

“The fact a customer can immediately have their health fund contribution back and just have to pay the gap makes life easier and it will save time and money. It will be a much more convenient, efficient and simpler process for all.”

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