Help Australians receive the hearing care they deserve

12 July 2021

At Specsavers, we do things differently! With a formula based on clinical excellence, open and transparent pricing, and the best value products in the industry – we are here to shape the industry for the better.

We want Australians to receive the hearing care they need and deserve, with access to the right hearing aids, and to know exactly what they are going to pay - before they even start their journey towards better hearing.

If you’re focused on providing genuine customer-centric care, where the customer ALWAYS comes first, then perhaps you should consider becoming a Specsavers partner as your next career move.

We’re fiercely committed to providing customer care, are you?    

When you become a partner at Specsavers, you’ll be rewarded for putting your customers first by receiving a guaranteed market-rate salary, plus your share of business profits, for the lifetime of your partnership. Giving you the stability and security to focus on growing your business and caring for your customers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Peter Hoang, Audiology partner at Warrnambool and Mt Gambier stores says:

“I don’t think I’ve ever worked for a company, or with a company that is so transparent and so open about their values. It’s amazing to be part of that! The Specsavers model works because we have the same goals, ideals, and values.”

“My goal is to change the hearing industry for the better. Coming from a clinical background, I didn’t have the business skills to be able to tackle the challenge solo. Having Specsavers as a partner, and backer, to help take care of that aspect and to invest in my development – I couldn’t ask for more.”   

Isn’t it time you took the next step in your career, put your customers first and set your future up for success?

Contact our team to learn more about how we’re making waves, and find your ideal partnership location here.