Good old fashion value and service drives Amanda to partnership

16 December 2021

South African born Amanda Habig moved to Canada and initially worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist, before embarking on a career in audiology and calling Australia home. With a three-store partnership in Nerang, Australia Fair and Runaway Bay, Amanda is enjoying making waves in the industry.

“When I was a Speech Therapist, I met a little girl who had a mild hearing loss. She was fitted with hearing aids, and I provided therapy to overcome her speech impairment. Shortly after, I decided to focus on a career in audiology,” says Amanda.

Amanda’s motivation hasn’t changed during the past decade living in Australia. She continues to focus on her customers and helping them to improve their quality of life. Amanda says she enjoys helping them “regain their sense of self”.

With the customer top of mind, she knows the importance of connecting people with friends and family. To ensure her customers experience that sense of connection, Amanda embraces the affordability aspect of hearing aid products available at Specsavers.

“Customers can save as much as $7000 for the same product as what our competitors are prescribing. We are turning back the industry to good old-fashioned service and value.”

“Also, at Specsavers, hearing aid price information is not hidden. We openly have our prices on the website. This speaks of honesty and openness that I’m proud to be associated with,” adds Amanda.

With a comprehensive hearing check, Amanda can identify hearing loss earlier with the ability to monitor changes every year.

“The customers decide whether they want to proceed with a full assessment or monitor their hearing. It is customer-led, and there’s no pressure to buy products they don’t want or need,” says Amanda.

While Amanda enjoys her customers saving money and receiving great service, support, and value, she’s also delighted in the same experience she receives as a Specsavers partner.

“The Specsavers support team have been very quick and diligent in answering all my questions which made me feel valued and supported. It has built a sense of trust and fondness towards Specsavers.

“I want to make Specsavers proud that they have invested so much time and effort in setting me up for success,” adds Amanda.

Amanda is also thrilled she made the change to partnership and has been able to experience all facets of business ownership.

“A partnership will challenge your mind and build a new skill set you didn’t think you were capable of. With Specsavers’ support, it is an environment where you get to thrive. I believe there are no other opportunities like it,” says Amanda.