Gabrielle Brook shares the importance of customer care at Specsavers

7 August 2023

Gabrielle Brook is a co-partner Specsavers partner at three Specsavers locations – Craigieburn, Campbellfield and Broadmeadows. 

Her journey in the audiology industry began as an intern before gaining valuable experience working in various regional and metro locations. However, she knew that she wanted to progress further in her career, which led Gabrielle to join Specsavers as an audiology partner. 

According to Gabrielle, “Customer care is of utmost importance in audiology as it directly impacts the customer’s experience and overall satisfaction with their treatment.” 

“Providing personalised and compassionate care not only enhances the customer’s journey but also increases the likelihood of positive outcomes and confidence in their treatment plan. Given that audiology requires ongoing care and support, building strong relationships with customer’s is vital for their long-term success and by prioritising customer care fosters customer loyalty, generates referrals, and garners positive reviews,” she says. 

Prior to joining Specsavers as an audiology partner, Gabrielle was already a customer and had experienced firsthand the Specsavers’ focus on good customer service and affordable quality care.  

“Specsavers Audiology transparency regarding prices was a standout feature that was unheard of in the audiology industry,” she says. 

Gabrielle’s journey to becoming a Specsavers partner included researching and speaking with other audiology partners who shared their experiences working at Specsavers. After reaching out to enquire about opportunities in Melbourne, Gabrielle went through the assessment process and was then approved as a joint venture partner. 

“Throughout the process, the Specsavers team has provided me with extensive support, from the head office support team as well as my Audiology Relationship Manager, and my joint audiology partner. This support has been invaluable as I transition into my new role,” says Gabrielle. 

“During my induction and initial opening phase, my opinion of Specsavers has continued to evolve. The training I received was comprehensive, covering all aspects of operating and running a business. The ongoing support from the team has further increased my positive perception of Specsavers.” 

Taking on the opportunity of partnership and running my own business was a natural progression for Gabrielle after working as an audiology professional. Partnership offered her greater independence and the chance to make a positive impact in the industry. 

“Whilst my main challenge has been my lack of a business background, having joined forces with an experienced audiology partner as joint partnership has been immensely helpful in integrating into the business smoothly,” she says. 

Now I am part of part of a reputable organisation which allows me to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”