From Pharmacist to Audiology Partner: Bryan Soh is not looking back since joining Specsavers Audiology

27 June 2023

Audiology professionals seeking new opportunities often find themselves at a crossroads, searching for a change that aligns with their aspirations and values. For Bryan Soh, the decision to become a partner at Specsavers Audiology was driven by a desire for personal and professional growth. His experience serves as an inspiration for other audiology professionals contemplating the next step in their career. 

Bryan’s journey began with a background in pharmacy, but he soon realised that his true calling lay in audiology. Seeking a career that offered fulfillment and a chance to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives, he embarked on a new path of becoming an audiology professional.  

With a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Curtin University and a Master of Clinical Audiology from the University of Western Australia, Bryan worked as a Qualified Practitioner, and found himself drawn to Specsavers Audiology for a number of reasons. He was dissatisfied with the poor culture and unstable leadership and inflated KPIs at his previous workplace. In contrast, Specsavers’ transparent and supportive environment resonated with his values. Specsavers emphasis on product value and the autonomy provided to partners solidified his decision to join the Specsavers family. 

When asked about the importance of customer care in audiology, Bryan emphasised its pivotal role. “Providing exceptional customer care is intrinsically linked to achieving positive hearing outcomes and is a non-negotiable aspect of my practice,” he says. 

Hearing loss, as Bryan highlights, has far-reaching impacts on individuals, affecting them socio-economically, physiologically, relationally, functionally, and developmentally. By fitting customers with hearing aids, Bryan witnesses firsthand how improved hearing positively transforms their quality of life.  

Joining Specsavers Audiology as a partner presented Bryan with a unique opportunity to run his own business while being supported by the Specsavers team. The onboarding process provided him with comprehensive training, both in clinical audiology and the business aspects of running a store. Bryan now looks forward to the challenges and rewards of being a business owner, aiming to develop a strong audiology culture within his store and deliver exceptional customer service throughout the week. 

Reflecting on his experience so far, Bryan recommends the Specsavers partnership model to other audiology professionals seeking a rewarding and supportive professional journey. The Specsavers approach, leveraging foot traffic and existing data sets in optics, combined with a screener in the customer journey, proves to be a successful model that benefits both customers and audiology professionals. 

His journey serves as a testament to the possibilities for audiology professionals who are willing to embrace new opportunities. Specsavers Audiology offers a supportive environment, a proven and tried and tested business model, and a chance for personal and professional growth. As Bryan Soh paves his path to success, he encourages others to follow their dreams and consider joining Specsavers Audiology.