From Nurse to audiology professional: Meredyth Haynes on her journey to provide better hearing in Midland 

12 October 2022

Meredyth Haynes has spent most of her working life caring for people. Her early career was spent as a Registered Nurse, specialising in ICU nursing. But with shift work taking its toll, she was looking for other options that would give her a more family friendly work/life balance.  

“I finally landed in the audiology world after being fitted with hearing aids myself by a family friend who is an audiologist,” she says. 

“He suggested I consider further studies to work in the field and I saw this as the perfect move to combine my nursing knowledge in health and wellness, with helping others like myself achieve better hearing.” 

After completing her qualifications and training Meredyth jumped into work, but quickly became disillusioned with the reality of what “customer care” meant.  

“I started to become uncomfortable with my previous role after being approached by multiple customers who came to me, saying they wanted to stay with me, however, they were finding the same hearing aids available for almost half the price that I had quoted them.  

As this happened more frequently, I began to feel that my hands were tied regarding pricing and I could not follow these people through their journey to better hearing, since they were getting hearing aids fitted elsewhere.” 

It was a realisation that led her to Specsavers.  

“After losing a lot of customers to Specsavers and one customer actively approaching me to tell me how wonderful Specsavers had been for them, I started to do some online research.  When I read the current partner stories, I really related to what they said about being able to continue to provide the same great service to customers and also allow them access to great technology in their hearing aids, due to the affordability. 

“I really thought this opportunity sounded too good to be true and there must be a catch, but I have found that this is actually just a very good opportunity for both customers and partners.” 

Now, as the Audiology Partner at Specsavers Midland, Meredyth is able to support her customers throughout their hearing journey. 

“Midland has a large catchment with a lot of HSP funded clients but the location on the fringe of Perth brings a lot of farmers from country areas, so there is a great mix of people.” 

And with the ability to grow her business and the autonomy to care for her clients, backed by a trusted brand with fair and transparent pricing, Meredyth is ready for the future.  

“Nothing makes me happier than my customers coming back and being so grateful that I have helped them to feel comfortable with their hearing,” she says.