From customer to partner: Box Hill Audiology Partner Ryan Liang’s Specsavers journey  

4 November 2022

Ryan’s passion for hearing health started very early on. Growing up in China and moving to Australia 18 years ago, Ryan studied English for a few months when he first arrived at a school that also catered to the hearing impaired. He began to learn AUSLAN, and it was this experience that inspired him to study audiology and kick-started his passion for hearing care.  

Completing his Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Master of Clinical Audiology at the University of Melbourne, Ryan started his internship in Coffs Harbour and Orange in 2012 and has worked across several regional and metropolitan areas in Victoria since. 

But it was his own experiences of Specsavers as brand that led him on his journey to partnership. “I was a customer of Specsavers myself before I joined the company, and I always appreciated the focus on customer service coupled with good value that Specsavers was known for,” he says. 

“So, I knew, coming on as a partner that I have always known Specsavers Audiology would provide affordable hearing aids for my customers. But going through the process has really taught me about the high clinical standards and the values of customer first.”  

And, in addition to providing affordable, quality care to his customers, Ryan is also able to use this experience to add another string to his career bow.  

“I have worked as an audiologist for more than 10 years, so this is a fantastic opportunity for me to move forward in my career,” he says. “I think the biggest challenge for me is to work in different roles at the same time – I now have to think not only as a practitioner, but also as a director and shareholder too.”   

But Ryan knows that even though it is his business, he is not alone on the journey.  

“I’ve received enormous support from the Specsavers support office team so far. The training they have provided has been in-depth and focused on making me the best partner I can be. My Audiology Relationship Manager has been there every step of the way, and my optics partner Hao and retail partner Cecilia are very passionate about providing best health care to our customers.  

“They are thrilled to have audiology in our store, the whole team at Box Hill are fully on board with Audiology and are really enjoying helping the customers in this space.” 

Ryan says he has big ambitions for his partnership too.  

“My goal is to build up a good relationship with optical team and build up a good rapport with our customers in Box Hill. The store goal is to provide value service to our customers and become their first choice of the hearing services. And once I’ve begun to establish us in this space, I’ll be looking to grow my business – and perhaps bring on another audiology professional down the track. There is so much opportunity here.”