Flexible part time hours allows Natali to continue her partnership

13 January 2022

Audiology partner Natali Carleton from the Rouse Hill, NSW store aspired to join Specsavers after her first year out of university.

“A friend joined Specsavers and I heard about the high clinical standards and the affordable pricing for customers. I also found the business model very appealing,” says Natali.

Natali’s journey as a partner has been positive in many ways but she highlights her biggest areas of growth from a clinical and personal growth perspective.

“It’s been great building relationships with the partners and team members but also to watch the store reach the stage where we are consistently screening customers at a high rate,” says Natali.

Natali also feels she has the balance she needs with being able to work flexible hours and feels fortunate to have the support from Specsavers.

“I was lucky to have the support office and my partners back me and have the option of reducing my hours to part time following some changes in my health.

“I feel fortunate that I have the flexibility to keep working with Specsavers and manage the health changes I went through,” adds Natali.

The benefits of working reduced hours allowed Natali to continue her career path and not have to give up her partnership.

“The support I’ve received from the support office is something I haven’t seen from other companies that I worked for in the past.

“Not only have I received support personally but also with my business in general. There are many teams in the support office who help with different aspects of my business. This could be anything from support for claims to assistance with marketing,” adds Natali.

With a well-rounded balance of individuals and teams helping Natali in all aspects of her career journey, the experience of running her own store has been invaluable.

“My role as a partner has exposed me to areas of the business I would not have had exposure to if I was working for a different company,” says Natali.

With her finger on the pulse, Natali is looking forward to the future and has great ambitions for continued growth.

“I’m focused on getting the business to a stage where we have a database of loyal, regular customers and a steady stream of new people coming in,” says Natali.