Five reasons why you should consider Specsavers

Are you looking for the next opportunity in your audiology career? 

Having rapidly changed the face of optometry, Specsavers is now making waves in audiology, with a recipe based on clinical excellence, open and transparent pricing, great products, and eye-opening value – while providing a fast route to business-ownership for entrepreneurial audiologists. 

With more than 100 partners and over 160 stores across Australia and New ZealandSpecsavers is in the fortunate position of moving forward with our rollout, and opportunities are now available across both countries.  

And here are just five reasons why you should join us.  

We’re all about partnership 

The Specsavers Joint Venture Partnership (JVP) is a support-laden franchise that operates across more than 160 audiology locations in Australia and New Zealand.  

As the support partner, we enable our audiology JVPs to focus on looking after customers by providing best-practice clinical service and professional hearing care solutions – the things they are naturally expert at – while we manage a range of back-office items, including finance. 

We take the pressure off our partners by financing the test room fit-out, technology, and equipment, managing the end-to-end process as well as the payback of loans. To start with us, a shareholder loan of just $10,000 is required, payable back to the partner as cash flow allows. 

And, as a partner, each of our JVP’s own profit-earning shares in their business. 

We’re transparent about our pricing.  

We believe that everyone deserves quality hearing care at an affordable price and that the cost of a hearing aid should never come as a surprise.  

We’re the first (and only) audiology business to clearly publish our services, products, and prices, and we do this because we want our customers to make fully informed decisions regarding their hearing care, whether they decide to purchase from us or not.  

We’re fiercely committed to clinical autonomy 

At Specsavers, the customer is truly at the heart of everything we do. 

We’re focused on providing genuine customer-centric care, where the customer always comes first. Our partners are supported and empowered every day to provide the best clinical care and deliver hearing solutions that tailored to the customer’s individual health needs, not our financial ones.   

Our products are high in quality and low in price. 

At Specsavers, we’re focused on making sure our partners and customers have access to a high-quality range of products at an amazing price. And we do this, not by compromising on quality, but by leveraging our buying power as a global company.  

We’ve partnered well-known manufacturers including GN, WS Audiology, and Sonova to provide the latest technology products under the Specsavers Advance brand. We also sell a range of their branded products including Phonak, ReSound, and Signia 

We have potential customers at your doorstep.  

All our audiology businesses are located within a Specsavers optical store. This ensures that the millions of customers who chose Specsavers to take care of their eyes every day, now have access to affordable hearing care too. And we make it easy for them, with every customer aged 40-plus offered a no-cost hearing screener as part of their optical pre-test.  

In our first two years in Australia, more than 500,000 individuals had their hearing screened at Specsavers, introducing a new generation to the value of early screening for signs of hearing loss. 

So if you’re interested in what could be next for your audiology career or you want to know more about what the Specsavers model means for you, contact our Professional Recruitment Manager Julia Hewagama on  0409 015 519 or email for a no-obligation chat.  

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion contact Julia Hewagama today.

Telephone: 0409 015 519

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