Elmie Visser’s journey of partnership and positive impact with Specsavers Audiology

28 February 2024

Beyond her audiology location, Elmie Visser finds solace in nature, enjoying the thrill of mountain biking and harbouring plans to delve into fishing in her new coastal haven. 
A qualified Speech Therapist and Audiologist, Elmie’s academic journey took her to the University of Pretoria in South Africa, graduating in 2003. Her career choice was driven by a deep-seated desire for service delivery and helping others, which ultimately led her to audiology, a profession that allows her to live out her passion daily. 
For 16 years, Elmie managed her private practices in South Africa, touching the lives of her customers from diverse backgrounds. However, in January 2020, she and her family embarked on an immigration journey to Australia, seeking a safer and more promising future. 
Joining Specsavers Audiology as a Partner wasn’t just a career move for Elmie; it was a strategic decision rooted in the positive stories she heard from other partners. Specsavers’ reputation as an ethical and organised company fuelled her decision to take on this new venture. 
Now based in Port Lincoln, South Australia, Elmie’s audiology business is strategically situated in one of the main streets, and supported by an Optical Partner and team that stands ready to assist whenever needed. When she was navigating the journey to becoming an Audiology Partner, the process involved interviews and discussions with the Specsavers team. Originally presented with a handful of location options in South Australia, Elmie opted for the charm of Port Lincoln over the metropolitan allure of Adelaide. 
She expresses gratitude for the accessible and timely support provided by the Specsavers team.  
Despite being part of a large corporate entity, the people and customer mentality permeates every step of the partnership journey. Through my induction, my initial impressions of Specsavers Audiology have evolved – even more positively. The efficiency in the operations, has left me impressed,” says Elmie. 
Describing the Specsavers model, she focuses on the emphasis on detail and uniformity.  
Whether in Adelaide or Sydney, customers receive the same service delivery and customer service. This uniform approach puts our customers at ease, making them feel welcome and aware of what to expect. 
Taking on the opportunity of partnership and running her own business aligns with her experience of managing private practices in South Africa. Launching her new business in Australia has come with the challenge of learning new systems and machines, but Elmie tackles it with enthusiasm.  
As she sets her sights on the future, both for her Audiology store and herself, the overarching goal is to make a positive impact in her new community. Her journey with Specsavers Audiology is not just a career move – it’s a story of passion, partnership, and the promise of positive impact.