Dreams of owning his own business have come true for Jayzie Domingo

Jayzie Domingo has been working in the field of audiology since 2013 and worked across Asia for four years before settling down in Invercargill, NZ in late 2018. 

Having started his career in audiology in the Philippines, Jayzie worked with a local distributor of hearing aids and Cochlear® implants. As his first foray into the field of audiology it was a challenging but exciting period, as it was a combination of clinical work and business development.  

After a couple of years, Jayzie landed a dream job with Cochlear®.  

“For a small-town boy from Cavite, Philippines, it was a dream come true to have the chance of supporting several countries in Southeast Asia. Through hard work and perseverance, his country of focus – Malaysia, won the Cochlear® Southeast Asia’s country of the year. In the same year, I won clinician of the year for Cochlear® Southeast Asia.”

“I’ve always been thankful that I got to be part of the team that helped these customers hear better when they’ve nearly lost hope. There were several instances where the whole room broke into tears of joy after a child finally showed his/her first response to sound. I’ll never forget that feeling.” 

Then Jayzie and his wife wanted a lifestyle change and made the move to New Zealand.  

In the months leading up to Specsavers Audiology launching in New Zealand, Jayzie had heard negative feedback about the Specsavers model which suggest that Specsavers wouldn’t provide enough clinical care to customers and wouldn’t comply with ACC & MOH standards. 

However, he confirms that “any concerns about the model were alleviated once I spoke to the Specsavers Audiology team.” 

In fact, all his colleagues who have started their journey with Specsavers have nothing but praise for the brand.  

“It’s funny how things are made to be awful when something is geared to change things up and make waves in the industry,” he says. 

On why he became a partner with Specsavers: 

“I believe that Specsavers Audiology can help me serve my community better by bringing the utmost quality of professional care and hearing devices at the best value.” 

“Joining Specsavers was an opportunity to realise one of my dreams, and I was enticed with the idea that I can finally meld my business development experience with my clinical skills.” 

“Specsavers has a unique proposition when it comes to their partners. We are business owners! It has always been a dream of mine to have something I can call my own. My family was so proud when I told them that I made the choice,” he says. 

Under the Specsavers model, Jayzie is empowered to make clinical decisions on what would be best for his customer. He believes that if he places the customer’s interest first, everything else will follow as it starts with giving personalised care to each of them. 

And this aligns with the Specsavers model of putting the customers’ needs first and foremost. Specsavers Audiology is a great avenue to provide customer centred care whilst offering partners the opportunity to gain financial freedom.  

“Starting your own business is very intimidating but knowing that a reputable company with tons of experience in the field – such as Specsavers, will be guiding you is reassuring,” says Jayzie. 

“With Specsavers, I certainly feel that I’m being set up for nothing but success. Everyone is very supportive and welcoming. I’m going to love my time with Specsavers!” 

Jayzie has one last thing to say to fellow audiologists who are contemplating their career:

“Specsavers partnership is an opportunity like no other. Your potential for growth is much, much higher when you become a business owner. I have hopes to make Specsavers Invercargill so successful that within 2 years of operation, I will need to bring other motivated audiologists in, so we can help more people in Southland hear better!”

“We aim to be the champions, and the first choice for hearing health in Southland.”

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