Changing lives through better hearing: It’s the Specsavers way

29 November 2022

 Eyes and ears go together, it just makes sense. 

But many people think of Specsavers is just an optometry business. In fact, audiology has been a part of Specsavers since 2004, when we first launched hearing services in our UK business. Since then, we have introduced audiology services in more than 250 locations across Australia, and we plan to keep going. 

Because it’s our mission to change lives through better sight and hearing.  

And it’s an ethos that runs through our business – right from the very top.  

“As a practicing audiologist, I have been in the clinic many times with people in tears, because of the impact it has on them and their families. And I’ve seen first-hand the difference audiology professionals can make – you don’t always realise you are transforming people’s lives – but that’s exactly what we do,” says Nick Taylor, Specsavers’ Head of Professional Services.  

“Our goal is to make hearing care as accessible and affordable as possible. To support our customers so they don’t have to experience the isolation and mental health issues associated with hearing loss that generations before them have experienced,” he says.   

And it’s a mission that resonates throughout our partnership.  

Communication is the foundation of relationships. If our hearing is jeopardised it can ultimately affect our ability to maintain those relationships and the follow-on impacts from that can hugely affect our quality of life,” says partner Sally Hardy from Specsavers Port Macquarie.  

“It is a privilege and responsibility to be invited into customer’s life when they are possibly feeling vulnerable or isolated. I take their communication needs and health personally and want to ensure the best outcome for each individual customer that I treat.” 

“It’s terrific to be in control of your clinic, providing the service you feel is best all within a large company that has small business attitude.” 

Donna Lum, partner at our Top Ryde and Rhodes stores agrees.  

“Hearing aids can change a customer’s life for the better.  They can hear family and friends at gatherings, the grandchildren, meetings or even on the phone.  A customer was in tears (of happiness) when she told me she heard rain for the first time. It is those moments where it can be small to us, means so much for someone who has a hearing loss. It’s why we do what we do.”    

“If you are interested in opening your own business but want the support of a greater team, you can go into partnership with Specsavers. You have the flexibility to manage your own business as you see fit, providing the customer with the best solutions and outcomes.” 

It’s why our “recipe” – a business model based on clinical excellence, open and transparent pricing, great products and eye-opening value, has been so successful. And why so many Australian audiology professionals are joining us and taking up the fast route to business-ownership – without sacrificing their professional beliefs.  

So if you want to join us on our mission to change Australia’s hearing for the better, talk to us today.  

Call Amanda La Ferla on 0407 825 990 or email