Celeste Coetzer provides insights into her experience as a Specsavers Partner

28 February 2024

Celeste Coetzer, a passionate audiologist, has embarked on a remarkable journey as a Specsavers Audiology Partner, combining her clinical expertise with the thrill of business development. She shares her experience on what attracted her to joining Specsavers as a Partner and how it has shaped her professional life.

Celeste’s commitment to family, evident in her love for spending quality time with her husband and two children, sets the tone for her approach to both life and work. Her decision to move to Geelong from South Africa, has opened new avenues for her family adventures, with the beach becoming a favourite destination.

Her journey into audiology stems from a personal connection, having experienced hearing difficulties since childhood. This connection fuels her passion for guiding others on their hearing journeys.

“I understand that everyone’s hearing journey is unique. I see it as a privilege to be invited on their journey and guiding them along the way,” she says.

Prior to joining Specsavers Audiology, Celeste admitted she was well-informed about the company’s services and recognised Specsavers’ bold approach in disrupting the market with high-quality, affordable products. Her familiarity with the company and its services was reinforced by her previous work experience in the UK.

Her decision to join Specsavers as an Audiology Partner in Belmont and Waurn Ponds in Geelong, Victoria was a natural progression for Celeste. Having owned a private clinic in South Africa and working in the UK, the appeal of providing excellent customer service and value for money products aligned seamlessly with the Specsavers’ ethos.

“The opportunity of building my own business in conjunction with great customer service and value for money products meant that moving over to Australia and joining Specsavers was really an easy decision,” says Celeste.

“The team at Specsavers have been excellent. Even though it is a big team, you feel well supported and know that there will be someone to support you and answer all your questions.”

When asked if her opinion of Specsavers has changed since she joined the team, Celeste advises, “My opinion is accurate, because from the start I felt the team would support you and that has been true over and over. The team support you in developing both your clinical skills but also growing your business. And I’ve seen more than once that they truly do live by the goal of doing what is right for the customer”.

The Specsavers approach, focused on normalising hearing checks and prioritising customers’ needs over sales targets, resonates with Celeste’s vision for comprehensive hearing care.

Customer care holds paramount importance for Celeste in her role as an audiology professional. Understanding firsthand the impact of hearing loss, she emphasises the significance of making her customers feel cared for and valued throughout their hearing journey.

Since stepping into her role as a Partner at Specsavers Audiology, Celeste says she has enjoyed providing great value for money hearing care and developing a successful business. As she looks forward to growing her businesses, she is looking forward to supporting her team members in developing their career and goals. 

Her journey with Specsavers exemplifies the positive impact of aligning your passion with a supportive business model.