Build something for yourself and reap the rewards

4 November 2021

If you’re focused on customer’s needs not sales targets, then exploring partnership or employment opportunities with Specsavers should be top on your to do list before the end of the year.

Specsavers is focused on providing genuine customer-centric care, where the customer comes first, and our partners are supported every day to achieve stability, financial success, and work-life balance.

Joining our family of professionals will give you the support you need to thrive and make a positive difference in the lives of your customers.

The Specsavers Support team work together with you to provide the very best product range, equipment, finance, admin, IT, in-store systems, marketing, training and development and more, allowing you to focus on growing your business and/or customers – whether as a partner or employee.

Our business model has enabled us to open more than 200 stores, screen more than 1.5 million Australians, and uncover the potential for aidable hearing loss in over half a million of those customers. Our audiology partners have each contributed to improving the hearing of more than 65,000 Australians already – which is a remarkable achievement!

We’re celebrating the fact that we have made a positive impact on so many lives. These impressive statistics have accumulated in four short years since crashing into the industry. Imagine what the next four, 10 and 15 years will bring?!

If you’re going to do anything for yourself before the end of 2021, find out why Specsavers is the best gift you could give yourself and join our growing family of audiology professionals.

Have a chat with us about partnership, employment, and flexible opportunities.

Take the next step in your career and start reaping the rewards of what you give to your customers each day. To find out more, contact Julia Hewagama, Professional Recruitment Manager, on 0409 015 519 or email