Big rewards at Specsavers Audiology

4 May 2022

Here at Specsavers, we do things a little differently. It’s been nearly five years since we launched Specsavers Audiology in Australia, and during this time, we’ve challenged and shaped the industry with a formula based on clinical excellence, open and transparent pricing, and excellent products at value for money prices.  

Secure your future as a Specsavers partner

Every Specsavers Audiology partner is the owner-operator of their business. As partners, they have the freedom to build their own team, and serve their community – all whilst they create an asset for their future and enjoy the profits of all their hard work!  

Our Specsavers partners have autonomy over their future and business, within a tried and tested framework. With clear strategic direction and first-class business support across supply chain, marketing, legal, and development, our partners can prioritise delivering the very best service and building their business.  

Salary Package – for peace of mind!

Every Specsavers Audiology partner receives a guaranteed salary and super package for the lifetime of their partnership with Specsavers.  

But the salary + super is just one component of the real value of a Specsavers Audiology partnership. Each of our partners also own profit-earning shares in their business – until they retire, giving them the stability and security to focus on growing their business and caring for their customers.   

Isn’t it time you took the next step in your career and set your future up for success?   

To find out if the Specsavers Audiology partnership model might be the right fit for you, contact Julia Hewagama on 0409 015 519 or  

To find available opportunities across Australia, visit here.