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2 May 2022

Over the last four years we have opened close to 240 stores with audiology across Australia. Together with our growing Specsavers family, we are continuing to make audiology more accessible and affordable to everyday Australians. 

The key to our success? Our passionate family of audiology professionals, who align with our vision and our values to provide the very best clinical care to all customers. We work with them as individuals to provide the support they need, and to help our partners grow their business. 

But did you know there’s more than one way to join our family? 

Many audiology professionals are currently seeking job security and flexibility. Let’s us share with you the different ways you can join the Specsavers family – whilst achieving both. 

Join as a partner or employed clinician

At Specsavers Audiology, we have both partnership and employment opportunities available.  

Our partners are business owners of their store, so in short – they are their own boss. As partners, they have the autonomy of managing the day-to-day operations, and growing their business, and they can see a direct correlation between hard work and financial growth. 

As partners, they are paid a guaranteed salary + super from their business entity and are entitled to a share of their business’ profits.

And to support our business growth we now have opportunities nationally for audiology professionals to join the Specsavers family as employees. Just like partnership, we have part-time and full-time opportunities available, supported by a generous market rate salary + super.

Clinical independence

We don’t set any product related KPIs or sales targets for our partners or employed clinicians. We want our audiology family to have the freedom to deliver high-quality hearing care to every customer – always.   

Fastest growing audiology business in Australia

With access to over 6 million customers across Australia, we’re definitely the fastest growing audiology business in Australia.

Over the coming months we’re opening new stores across Australia in both metro and regional locations, so that hearing care is accessible to each and every Australian. If you’re an audiology professional wondering if partnership or employment is right for you, have a confidential chat with our team today.

To find out more, contact Julia Hewagama on 0409 015 519 or email  

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