Audiology roadshows a success

The Specsavers Audiology team successfully wrapped up another set of audiology roadshows late last month.

The team travelled from one side of the country to another to meet with audiology professionals interested in learning more about the Specsavers Audiology business model in both Perth and Sydney.

“We’ve had another really positive response to our roadshows in Western Australia and New South Wales,” Audiology Executive Director Darrel Magna said.

“The roadshows are always a great way to meet face-to-face, dispel any myths or rumours audiology professionals might have heard and explain our growth plans and rollout.

“We met with some really interested – and clearly passionate – audiology professionals and our recruitment team is busy taking these conversations to the next level.”

Any meetings with Specsavers Audiology and audiology professionals are 100 per cent private and confidential.

If you couldn’t attend the roadshows, or are based elsewhere in the country, it’s never too late to get in touch by emailing or contacting Julia Hewagama on 0409 015 519 for more information.

Specsavers Audiology is particularly interested in speaking with Victorian audiology professionals, so keep your eyes peeled for the next opportunities announcement.

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion contact Julia Hewagama today.

Telephone: 0409 015 519

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