Audiology professionals continue to join Specsavers: next two clinics open

Late November saw the launch of the two most recent Specsavers Audiology businesses, taking the total number of current locations to eight. In the process, two further audiology professionals, Lalitha Mahendren and David White, joined Specsavers as Audiology Joint Venture Partners. The two businesses opened in Berwick (Vic) and Loganholme (Qld) respectively.

Lalitha and David are both client-focussed audiologists with five and ten years of respective post-qualification experience. The launch of Lalitha’s business, Specsavers Audiology Berwick, has commenced the roll-out in Victoria – with another four partners stepping up to follow suit in the first quarter of 2018 across seven new Victorian locations.  Meanwhile, David’s Loganholme business is the second to launch in Queensland, and both he and Andrew Fraser from Specsavers Audiology Runaway Bay, look forward to a further three partners joining them in additional Queensland locations in the first quarter of 2018.


So why are Audiology professionals joining Specsavers?

Audiology professionals like Lalitha and David are joining Specsavers because they see an opportunity to change the Australian audiology landscape to benefit  Australians. Specsavers Audiology is giving audiology back to the professionals, giving our partners as business owners the autonomy to make clinical decisions in the best interest of their clients, without the conflict of sales targets. Our accessible clear pricing and our product range and our sound treated clinic rooms, allow our partners to provide solutions for every day Australians with confidence and without compromise. To learn more reasons why Audiology professionals are joining Specsavers Audiology, contact our Professional Recruitment Manager Julia Hewagama direct on 0409 015 519 or

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