Annie Chan’s journey to joining Specsavers Audiology

27 June 2023

Annie Chan has always been dedicated to helping individuals achieve better hearing. With a background in speech pathology and audiology, Annie’s motivation to become an audiology professional stem from her own personal experience. Her grandfather experienced significant hearing loss, and having witnessed his journey to acceptance and seeking quality care inspired her to make a difference.  
“Being an audiologist allows me to help people with hearing loss going through a similar journey my grandfather experienced. Reducing the time gap from detecting hearing loss to seeking help and providing quality care is crucial, she says. 
Annie understands the profound impact hearing loss can have on individuals, leading to isolation and frustration for both the individual and their loved ones. She emphasises that addressing hearing loss and providing appropriate hearing aids can improve quality of life, allowing individuals to reconnect with loved ones and engage in activities they love. 
Looking for a change from the focus of the constant need to sell hearing aids, Annie discovered Specsavers Audiology. The transparent and affordable prices offered by Specsavers appealed to her, making hearing aids more accessible to those in need. What truly attracted Annie was the Specsavers model, which places the needs of the customer first. 
“I was tired of the constant focus on sales targets and neglecting the customer needs. So, when I started looking into Specsavers, I understood the main differences setting the company apart from the rest.” 
“As an audiologist, customer care is my number one priority,” says Annie. 
Based in Queensland, Annie is a partner across three Specsavers locations in Springwood, Beenleigh, and Loganholme.  
The recruitment process when I joined Specsavers was structured yet smooth, and I appreciated the support I received from the entire team,” she says. 
“I admire Specsavers commitment to quality control, ensuring that customers receive services of the highest standards from qualified audiology professionals. Their approach is simple yet effective, placing customer needs at the forefront. 
Taking on the opportunity of partnership and running her own business has always been a dream for Annie. While there will be challenges in managing three locations simultaneously, she believes that with proper time management and being organised, she will be able to perform at her best. 
Looking to the future, Annie’s goal is for her Specsavers locations to become the go-to destination for hearing checks and hearing assistance. 
“With the absence of constant pressure to meet KPIs and sell more hearing aids, Specsavers fosters an environment where everyone is invested in helping partners grow their businesses and putting customer needs first. My commitment is to make a positive impact in audiology, creating a lasting difference in the lives of those customers experiencing hearing loss.”