Anna Rosenzweig has embraced the lifestyle benefits and community value in regional South Australia

29 November 2023

Anna Rosenzweig, a passionate audiology professional and mother of two, found her true calling in making a meaningful impact on people’s lives through audiology. With a background in Economics, she pursued her Master of Audiology, graduating in 2005. Her love for using the latest technology to enhance people’s daily lives and connect them with the sounds they cherish led her to become an audiologist. 

Throughout her career, Anna worked in private practices, witnessing firsthand the industry’s changing landscape. She felt the pressure from hearing aid manufacturers and management to sell, which then fuelled her desire to provide her community with a better way to access hearing care.  

“There was a lot of pressure to over service customers. I felt like I had only a small amount of clinical influence on certain aspects of the business,” she says. 

This led her to join Specsavers as an Audiology partner in Berri, servicing the entire Riverland community. 

For Anna, customer care is paramount. She believes in the power of listening to customers, understanding their needs, and providing hearing solutions. She knows that untreated hearing loss can significantly impact social engagement, leading to social isolation, reduced cognitive function, and diminished quality of life and recognises that hearing aids can bridge the gap, enabling better communication and connections with loved ones. 

Since joining Specsavers Audiology, Anna has fully embraced the customer-focused approach, ensuring transparency in pricing, and offering affordable hearing aid options to customers. She is excited to provide her community with well-fitted hearing aids that cater to their lifestyle and budget, resulting in more success stories and improved hearing outcomes. 

Her journey at Specsavers is marked by extensive support from the head office support team and a focus on her personal and professional development. She appreciates the Specsavers values, investment in its people, and the opportunity to run her own business while serving the Riverland community she loves. 

Anna is focused on striking a balance between administrative and clinical work, learning from established partners, and expanding her business knowledge and skills. She envisions her store becoming the go-to destination for hearing aids in the Riverland, with expanded hours of operation and prompt customer service. 

“Since joining as a Specsavers Audiology Partner, I have learned more about the values of the company and the way Specsavers invests in its people to help them be the best at what they do. It has been a really encouraging journey, and I truly believe that working at Specsavers is the best decision I have made. I want to enjoy and be proud of what I do,” says Anna. 

As an experienced audiology professional, Anna wholeheartedly recommends becoming a Specsavers Audiology Partner to other audiology professionals seeking to take their careers to the next level. With unparalleled support on the journey of becoming a business owner, Specsavers provides the perfect platform for audiologists to grow and thrive. 

Beyond the business aspect, Anna encourages fellow audiology professionals to consider working in regional areas like the Riverland.  

“The lifestyle benefits and sense of value from the community are rewarding and add a unique dimension to one’s professional journey,” she says. 

Anna’s dedication to delivering exceptional customer care and her love for the Riverland community shine through her journey as a Specsavers Audiology partner. As she continues to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives through audiology, she stands proud of her association with Specsavers, a company that values its people and champions a customer-focused approach to audiology.