Alvin tries partnership and doesn’t look back

16 March 2022

Alvin Gan, the Doncaster and Doncaster East store partner joined Specsavers in 2018 to provide maternity leave cover for the existing partner for six months. He saw this as an opportunity to take on more and develop his career. Partnership was the natural progression for Alvin and as soon as his caretaker role finished, he went straight into a partnership at the beginning of 2019. 

“I saw the opportunity to develop my skills and to possibly become partner one day. I took the plunge and haven’t looked back since,” says Alvin. 

“I had the opportunity to hone my skills, study the business, learn how to operate efficiently and effectively while being employed by the business,” says Alvin.  

Alvin’s journey from employee to partner has been a positive and rewarding experience with plenty of personal growth. 

“I have found the journey exhilarating. I love having the autonomy, challenging myself to solve problems and completing tasks,” says Alvin. 

Owning a share in the business has been a key driver to becoming partner but the customer care is what motivates Alvin. 

“I take pride in being able to provide personalised service and great quality hearing devices within everyone’s budget,” says Alvin. 

Alvin mostly enjoys working with his staff and feels lucky he has such a supportive team who are also motivated to provide great care and service to their customers. 

“I love the staff I work with and the efforts they go through to promote hearing awareness within the community.  

“The customers appreciate that we look after their hearing health and that the pricing is transparent and affordable,” adds Alvin.  

Alvin not only sees himself as an audiologist but a business owner with the ability to manage every aspect of the business. 

“I’m no longer just an audiologist, I now wear multiple hats within my stores. I’m a director and administrator with many roles and responsibilities,” says Alvin. 

Business for Alvin in the future looks bright with growth and customer satisfaction high on the agenda. 

“I would like to grow my business further, possibly hiring another audiology professional to meet the ever-growing customer demand. I hope to establish our store as the provider of choice within the local community. 

“Having worked across four different Specsavers stores, I strongly believe that anyone with the right mindset and attitude can make it work. I would recommend Specsavers Audiology to anyone who is looking to challenge themselves and to take the next step in their career,” adds Alvin.