Aimar Wu on why he joined Specsavers Audiology

27 June 2023

At Specsavers Audiology, we have a team of dedicated professionals who bring their unique experiences and passions to our organisation. One such individual is Aimar Wu, a valued audiology partner at Specsavers Hurstville and Rockdale.  

After completing his Master of Clinical Audiology at Macquarie University in 2021, Aimar decided to pursue a career in audiology. His transition into the field was driven by a desire to work in healthcare and combine elements of counselling and technology to make a positive impact on people’s lives. He recognised audiology as the perfect blend of these aspects, igniting his interest and motivating him to pursue audiology further. 

After joining the industry as an intern, Aimar’s dream of owning his own business and having the autonomy to prioritise the interests of his customers led him to Specsavers. The Specsavers Audiology partnership opportunity aligned perfectly with his aspirations. Even during his university days, Aimar had heard about the unique business model offered by Specsavers and knew it was the ideal fit for him. 

He witnessed firsthand how the Specsavers approach and model focused on transparency and customer satisfaction. This realisation further fuelled his passion for providing exceptional care and strengthened his commitment to the Specsavers family. 

During his induction and initial opening phase, his opinion of Specsavers went beyond his expectations. 

“There was lots of support provided from the support team that helped me to adapt to the new environment of owning my own business,” he says. 

This support instilled in him with the confidence to excel in both the business and clinical aspects of his practice. 

Looking ahead, Aimar envisions a future where his locations continue to thrive, fulfilling the growing demand for exceptional hearing care. He aspires to expand his capacity by introducing additional services to serve a wider customer base.  

“I didn’t expect both of my locations to start to make a profit in just two months due to the demand of customers in the area. Now I’m considering hiring an ACM to expand the capacity to fulfill the demand. The business growth is beyond my expectation,” says Aimar. 

Aimar highly recommends Specsavers partnership opportunities to other audiology professionals. He values the autonomy it provides, enabling them to prioritise the best interests of their customers whilst they take ownership of their business with ample support, ensuring their success and the satisfaction of their customers.