A two-year partnership equals many satisfied customers

27 June 2022

Audiology partner Amanda Ispanovic from the Armadale, WA Specsavers store enjoys seeing customers return and referring their friends because of the great value and customer service she’s able to provide.  

Since her store opening in 2019, Amanda has continued to build a loyal customer base and is thankful for how far her business has come and the quality of care her team provides. 

“I think many people coming to Specsavers expect the great value, but they are surprised by the comprehensive testing, expertise and customer care they also receive,” says Amanda. 

With a couple of years to look back on as a partner, Amanda appreciates that partner feedback and ideas are taken into consideration when the Specsavers support office are developing new initiatives.  

“The support office is always making improvements to ensure our experience in store is simplified and easy so we can just focus on our customers and business.  

“It’s great to see other partners now employing audiology assistants, employed audiologists and graduate audiologists. Soon, I would like to bring on an audiology assistant to further enhance the customer service experience in store,” adds Amanda. 

Amanda also has her sights set on continuing to support the optical team to extend their audiology knowledge.  

“My optical partners are very supportive when it comes to training the team and improving the customer experience in store,” says Amanda. 

There have been many career highs since Amanda took on a partnership, however, the feedback she gets from customers is what motivates her to come in every day. 

“The biggest highlight is receiving positive feedback from customers, especially when they go to the effort to provide a wonderful review.  

“Some of the most satisfying cases are the ones that come in with expensive hearing aids from another provider and that they haven’t been wearing.  

“Through extensive counselling and providing great value technology, seeing them start to adjust to amplification and becoming regular hearing aid wearers is very rewarding,” adds Amanda. 

Amanda looks forward to what the next two years hold in terms of business growth, but ultimately, she enjoys making an impact and helping improve her customers quality of life.  

“Hearing customers explain how they didn’t realise how much they were missing or how they can now join in the conversation with their family and to hear their grandchildren is my favourite part of the job,” says Amanda.