A Specsavers partnership proves an easy decision

5 May 2022

Edward Bosloper began working for a small hearing business providing hearing services to Work Cover clients but soon found partnership was a natural fit. In 2013, he partnered with a family friend and ran a small independent hearing clinic. 

“Running a small business was very exciting, and we provided hearing services for various demographics including children through to the elderly,” says Edward. 

The Shellharbour and Warilla, NSW store partner experienced many ear infections from an early age. With his father also working in the hearing industry, Edward found a career as an audiologist was his calling. 

“While I was on holiday to Bali in 1998, my right ear became infected, which led me to visit ear, nose, and throat doctors. 

“My father worked in the industry for over 40 years, and on some school holidays, I would go with him to visit hearing clinics. 

“Helping people and using the latest technology is very inspiring. Giving somebody back the ability to communicate with their families effectively is incredibly rewarding,” adds Edward. 

After visiting a Specsavers store in recent years as a customer, Edward quickly decided to join the family and became an Audiology partner. 

“As a Specsavers customer, the service I received at the Shellharbour store was first class. Also, I feel strongly about the transparency and cost of the prices of hearing aids. This made it a straightforward decision when considering my future,” says Edward. 

Edward was impressed with the price transparency and not pressuring customers to buy products they do not want or need. 

“Specsavers customers are respected, and only those ready to take the next step do so. The prices are readily available and are affordable. 

“It’s excellent that Specsavers is focused on normalising hearing health care in younger people, which reduces the stigma and helps people earlier before it becomes a problem,” adds Edward. 

With the experience of running a hearing business in the past, Edward sees the value in the Specsavers partnership model. 

“A Specsavers partnership is a much better option, as there is fantastic support in the business areas that are more specialised such as legal, finance, marketing, and IT. 

“For anyone considering starting their own audiology business but doesn’t have a degree in IT, finance, or marketing, a Specsavers partnership is the best option. Most importantly, Specsavers has a great culture and puts the customers first,” adds Edward.