A partnership that puts customers and partners first

11 March 2022

Yvy Nguyen found a passion for health science, and it was inevitable that she would pursue a career in health. With a confident career outlook, Yvy was excited when she came across the prospect of a Specsavers partnership.

“I chose audiology as I had friends and family with hearing aids and I was passionate about changing the stigma associated with hearing loss,” says Yvy.

Specsavers was also a clear business choice for the Deer Park partner as she wanted to partner with a business that has the customer top of mind offering accessible products to everyone.

“I decided to join Specsavers as I felt that our industry needs more transparency around the pricing of hearing aids.

“I also felt that Specsavers values of affordable and high-quality health care resonated with me. I’m very passionate about an organisation that cares about customers and goes above and beyond to create a better quality of life for customers. I want to continue to work with people that share my interest in changing people’s lives for the better,” Yvy adds.

As customer care is a high priority for Yvy, doing the right thing by them is essential to ensuring her community is receiving the best health outcomes.

“People come to us and trust us to provide them with quality health care, and it is our duty to ensure that we make decisions and recommendations that are always in the customers best interest,” says Yvy.

When Yvy researched the Specsavers partnership model and approach, she knew it would match her professional career needs.

“The model works as it puts both customers and partners first. I also value the independence and autonomy that Specsavers gives clinicians,” says Yvy.

While Yvy and Specsavers share the same values, she is excited to part of an industry that is on the verge of changing for the better.

“I consider Specsavers to be the future of Audiology, and I am excited to start changing lives with Specsavers,” says Yvy.

Yvy now sets her sights for the future and focuses on growing her business and the needs of her customers.

“I would eventually like to open another store and continue going above and beyond to provide high quality care to my customers,” says Yvy.