A partnership model compatible with the value and goals of our partners

9 February 2022

Joel Coultas began his career as a podiatrist but later returned to study and completed a Masters in audiology. With more than 13 years practicing as an audiologist and business management experience, he enjoys combining his passion for technology and health with customer care. 

“I’ve always had a deep-seated interest in health, technology and helping people. When combining the three, audiology seemed the perfect fit,” says Joel. 

The Mitcham, SA partner had grand career ambitions and running his own business was a natural progression. 

“I’ve always dreamed of being able to run my own business, and the Specsavers partnership model has enabled this to happen with far less risk due to the support provided by the Specsavers support office. 

“Specsavers is changing the audiology and hearing services landscape with their partnership model, transparent pricing, and customer focus,” adds Joel. 

Joel describes his partnership journey as a positive experience, highlighting the process was easy with great support and backing. 

“I found it very open, genuine and transparent. No questions were too hard or off limits, and I felt reassured from the start. 

“The support team offers assistance in varying specialist roles including finance, HR, admin, and marketing. The clinical support is also freely available and welcoming. 

“I’m enjoying being able to deliver the service and value my customers deserve in an industry that has perhaps neglected them in the past,” adds Joel. 

While Joel enjoys a customer-centric approach, he’s also relishing the state-of-the-art technology on offer. 

“The value of the products, excellence in clinical standards, as well as the standard of diagnostic equipment used, continues to astound me,” says Joel. 

Joel is now enjoying the three-way benefits of the Specsavers model in servicing the business, partners, and customers. 

“I describe the Specsavers model as mutual symbiosis. It encourages a collaborative approach from all partners to succeed at both the customer service and business levels. It’s a win for everyone – especially the customers,” says Joel. 

Joel became a partner to work with like-minded people who share the vision of providing customers with the best value and care. He also feels strongly about raising awareness around hearing aid affordability. 

“I want to spread the message to customers that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for fantastic hearing aids. 

“As well as my ambition to run a successful business, I’d like to continue making hearing health more affordable and accessible, make positive changes to the industry, and have fun along the way,” adds Joel.