A dream of business ownership comes true for Dominic Fong

28 September 2022

Dominic Fong

For Specsavers Audiology Partner Dominic Fong, a career in audiology beckoned when he realised he could combine his love for music, his passion for helping others and his interests in emerging technology.

So, after completing his undergraduate and masters degrees and his clinical internship, Dominic knew he wanted to open his own clinic, but the barriers to entry were so high, or so he thought, until he spoke to Specsavers.

“I knew Specsavers had the most competitive prices for glasses and hearing aids, but what I didn’t know was the great partnership model with amazing support across the board that sits behind every Specsavers business.

“While relatively new to the audiology world, I joined Specsavers as the acting Partner at the Bass Hill and Bonnyrigg stores in southwestern Sydney and I have been overwhelmed with the amount of support I’ve received – from my local audiology relationship manager, through to the optics Partners in my own store, and the Audiology Partners across the business, it’s been incredible.”

Above and beyond the support as a business owner, Dominic connected with Specsavers’ vision to make hearing care accessible and affordable.

“Hearing aid prices are too expensive elsewhere. Whether it’s listening to their favourite song or joking or communicating with friends and loved ones, hearing well should be affordable and accessible for all.”

“Specsavers transparent pricing is truly changing the market. A lot of hearing companies claim to be ‘customer-centric’, however the Specsavers model really backs it up. I became an audiologist to help people, which is why there is nothing more rewarding than spending time with patients and listening to their concerns and recommending solutions that are appropriate for each individual. The fact that is happens to be so much more affordable at Specsavers is even better.”

It’s safe to say, Dominic has his eyes firmly set on a future with Specsavers.

“I’m building the business from the ground up, however my training so far has been extremely in-depth and informative. I have been exposed to many experts in their field who make all the content and processes easy to learn. I know I’ve still got lots to learn, but it’s something I’m excited about.

“Joining Specsavers has been amazing – everyone is so welcoming, offering advice on tips and tricks to build my business and checking in on me to make sure I’m doing well. From what is sounds like, the support never ends – it’s good to be part of the Specsavers family.”