A customer-centric partnership model that benefits all

27 April 2022

A personal experience with hearing loss was the catalyst for Ceri Stewart to pursue a career in audiology. She understands firsthand what customers need, and after working in the industry for a decade, Ceri joined the Specsavers family as partner for the Livingston, WA store.

“I started to notice hearing difficulties in high school. My family felt my hearing was fine, but my friends at school agreed that I missed a lot.

“I was curious about what I was experiencing, which led me to complete studies in audiology. It wasn’t until I started my master’s in audiology that I had my first hearing test. The results showed a bilateral mild to moderate hearing loss,” adds Ceri.

Ceri enjoys working in a small store, which allows her to build relationships with her customers.

“It’s great that my team and I can provide a personal service while being part of a tight-knit community,” says Ceri.

Ceri had done her research, seeking advice from a peer before making the decision to become partner.

“I went to an audiology friend for some business advice. She told me that she had joined Specsavers as a partner and has had a wonderful experience,” says Ceri.

Ceri wanted to ensure she was still putting her customers first. “Excellent customer service is the key. This is what success looks like to me,” says Ceri.

Ceri enjoys customer rehabilitation and the feeling she gets from helping her customers live their best life.

“It’s always a nice feeling focusing on the rehabilitation work and seeing my customers benefit on the other side,” says Ceri.

The future looks bright for Ceri with a firm goal in mind. She looks forward to seeing how her stores grow and evolve.

“Shortly, I would like to employ and develop the next generation of audiology professionals. I love taking on students and assisting new graduates. It would give me immense pleasure to take on a student or hire an audiology assistant, then train them to become an audiometrist,” says Ceri.